So, it’s been a while….

I know, I know! You can’t start a blog, and then give up a week into it! (Well, actually, you can…for proof, ask me how many different homepage names I tried before I found one that wasn’t taken…)

Anyways, where have I been? I meant to write a post last week explaining that I’d be gone for a week because the Explorer (my Dad’s nickname for Tompall) and I were headed out on a little trip. You see, a few weeks ago was Spring Break (yes, even law students get Spring Break!) and we’d been planning a little road trip…which was sadly cancelled because Explorer couldn’t take the week off from work (he has one of those real jobs where they make you come in every day).

SO…instead of traveling during UT’s real Spring Break, I spent the week studying (and went to visit my parents for a night) and Explorer and I planned to go away a couple of weeks later.

I won’t tell you all of where we went just yet, because I want to show you some pictures first from our trip LAST Spring Break. (And I don’t have the pictures from this year uploaded yet, so I can’t post any of them.)

Here’s one from last year:

We’re watching the sunset at a ranch in far West Texas. From there, we went to Big Bend National Park:

We had planned on camping and hiking in the park for the rest of the week. It was at the point that we set the precedent for every trip we’ve taken since (this was our first roadtrip together): we can’t stay in one place for longer than a day or two. For whatever reason, we need to move, to see, to experience AS MUCH as we can fit into a trip. We woke up the first morning in Big Bend, and wanted to keep going. So we did. We went to Terlingua. Then we wanted to keep going. So we did. We followed the Rio Grande to Presidio, and then kept on driving until we were in El Paso. And then we kept driving. Somehow, we ended up in Taos, New Mexico.

Rio Grande:

El Paso:


Oh yea, there was snow in Taos! We hiked up Mt. Wheeler, and camped right where we’re standing in this picture. It was hot and sunny when we took the picture. It was neither hot, nor sunny three hours later. In fact, we spent the night huddled together in the tent cursing our brilliant idea to camp in the snow, on a mountain, in March!

The next morning, we hiked back down the mountain, and checked the temperature gauge in the car. Guess what it said? 21 degrees. And this was two hours after the sun had come up. I didn’t even want to think about what it had been during the night.

We turned those seat heaters on right away, and skedaddled off to find ourselves some pancakes and hot coffee before we had to start the long drive back to Austin.


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