It’s always a struggle for me to eat something healthy in the morning. I think it’s because I’m a morning exerciser, so I get back from my run, or spin class, or whatever, and I’m so hungry that I just grab the easiest thing (oftentimes peanut butter and jelly spooned right out of the jars…I know, gross, right? WRONG! So good!).

But I’m trying. So today I made myself a quick yogurt parfait with nonfat vanilla yogurt, strawberries and blueberries. YUM!

Oh, and today’s run was particularly interesting because I took BOTH dogs out with me.

It was Emma’s first time running on the trail, and she was fantastic!…well, kind of…I did feel as though I was being dragged around the 4 mile loop, but I’m still giving her a grade of “fantastic” because to be honest, I’m just impressed she made it the entire way. Guess I underestimated puppy legs!

Chico, of course, was perfect, and tolerated being tied to a 5-month old puppy for 45 minutes as only the best of us could.

I’m off to visit my parents in Houston today. Very, very reluctantly, I’m leaving the dogs here in Austin with Tompall. Probably. I might cave and dog-nap them before he gets home from work.


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